6 week challenge - next one starts July 20, 2019
Do everything you love better, longer & easier!
We are looking for men and women who are over 40 in the Bowen Hills area who want to finally lose fat, increase their energy and kickstart a life long and sustainable exercise and nutrition plan 
Spots Are Very Limited In This Small Group. 20 participants only...
A Guided, No-Fail Path To A Better 'rest of your life'
The 6 Week Challenge Starting July 20 Will .....
  • Teach you how to move well again, so you can move often
  • Help you gain new mobility, functional strength and cardiovascular fitness
  • Increase energy, vitality and a positive outlook
  • Improve balance and flexibility
  • Learn how to finally get control of your eating and nutrition for the long term
  • Some previous participants have lost up to 12kg of sustainable weight loss
  • Create a community that gets results
Spots Are Very Limited In This Small Group
Real Success Stories
Nick King. 56. "I lost 8kg and can now run again"
Sally King. 55. "I cleared up my eczema AND lost 6kg!"
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Dom Harper. 48. "First time under 100kg in 10 years. Should have done this years ago"
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What's Included:
  • Two Personal Sessions - Before the challenge begins you will get two 45 min PT sessions so we know you better and what will suit your level
  • Specialized Group Training Sessions as many as you want per week. We recommend up to 3-4 which is realistic
  • Saturday morning nutrition workshop with personalised education around what will work for you
  • Weight, body fat % & fitness assessment
  • Daily accountability and support from our coaches through the entire program via our unique App
  • Flexible times to fit YOUR schedule - 10 to choose from
The studio and the people...
Don't Make it Your Doctor's Job to Keep You Healthy—that Duty Falls to YOU! 
I urge you to check us out a bit more by booking a call with me personally below. I believe the one true secret of a long, happy life is not in any pill, drug, or some dodgy gadget bought from an infomercial! Join us in our next challenge and let us help you ensure a healthy, lively “You” for years and years to come.

 Even if you're recovering from an injury...
Or stressed out...
Or already feeling “Old”....

Or even if Bob Hawke was the Prime Minister last time you worked up a sweat...
Best Practice and the programs we run, particularly this 6 week challenge is the sensible fitness answer you deserve for long life, vitality and happiness. 
49 Allison St Bowen Hills. Brisbane.

Contact Us
P: 3854 0386 
E: info@bestpracticept.com.au
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